Is Big Food the New Big Tobacco?

With big industry comes big responsibility and not every corporation exercises that to their consumers’ best interest. This podcast investigates the manipulation tactics of Big Tobacco and compares it to the modern-day dominating industry of Big Food. Despite being manufacturers of entirely different products, I’ve revealed how these two industries are entirely capable of manufacturing similar deceit. Does Big Food sing from the same exploitative playbook as Big Tobacco?


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Ailsa Gillies

23 Years Old. MSc International Journalism. BA (Hons) Film, Media and Journalism. Freelance Journalist. Content Creator for esure. Former Columnist and Music Feature Writer for The Weekender and Content Contributor for BBC Scotland's 'The Social'. Former Public Relations and Media Specialist for US based company Prep4Pro.

One thought on “Is Big Food the New Big Tobacco?”

  1. Hi Ailsa, this is an excellent and thought provoking podcast. As someone who has lived with obesity most of my life And had two bariatric operations this completely hits home with me. I’ve always said people need to eat to live so unlike other addictions it’s not possible to abstain completely. Great work I’d love to see you do a tv documentary on this subject.

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