5 Things You Didn’t Know About Mount Stuart

Ailsa Gillies

Opening to the public in 1995, this eclectic array of infrastructure has served to be one of the most breathtaking manors in British history, situated on the gem of the Clyde: the Isle of Bute. Mount Stuart has come to be a hidden gem in its own right, surrounded by 300 acres of landscape and nature which is just as famed as the building itself.

Though popular, the house is certainly as mysterious as it looks. From both its interior and exterior, MountStuart tells a story of its own; from its blend of Georgian and Neo-Gothic architecture, to its uncarved pillars. This building has seen death, tragedy and jubilation all within its grounds. Here are5 things you didn’t know about Mount Stuart:

1. The original building was destroyed by fire!

Mount Stuart, original building post-fire. Source: http://www.mountstuart.com

The magnificent building that we know and have come to love today…

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Ailsa Gillies

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